- Popup Ads
- Google Adwords (SEM/GDN)
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- Facebook Ads
- Social Media Maintenances

Email : sales@blogspreneur.com

A. Analysis About Your Business/Products
We will analyze everything that important like client products, proposition, selling data, geographic information, website/blog, etc.

B. Information About Your Campaign
We will collect all information based on your brief advertising by online and offline media.

C. Target Keywords and Contents
We will research about search data and quality content that suitable with your business/products.

D. Reporting and Maintenance
We will send you report about your campaign periodically (weekly and monthly), for performance reviews. And do the continuous maintenance for the best result of you campaign.

A. Keywords Research & Competitor Analysis
- Analyze keywords that popular and trends in major search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo).
- Study and research about competitor site: age, keywords, content, sitemap, backlinks, and other parameters.

B. On-Page SEO
We will optimize your site by max its performance in search engines for target keywords that related to the on-page content, such as: url, page title, meta description/keywords, image, internal link, sitemap, etc.

C. Off-Page SEO
And we will optimize your site too by using targeted keywords in off-page direct link, such as: quality link building (page rank, domain/page authority), quality contents/articles, social media, social bookmarking, article directory, press release site, etc.

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